15 May 2013

Speed blogging

  1. My Copenhagen talk on non-revenue water and the link between poor water management and poor macroeconomic management (MP3 and PDF slides). Check out the figure for the relationship between cheap water and unemployment (they are correlated; causality comes from a deeper institutional base).

  2. "This paper [pdf] presents the legal and institutional reforms in Brazil’s water resources sector since 1997... the implementation process still faces many challenges." Also read about Implementing IWRM for the Sao Francisco River Basin [pdf] and an update on Belo Monte dam.

  3. Aquadoc chokes on Mulroy's claim that she (and Vegas) are cooperative regarding regional water management.

  4. Cool video (8 min) showing how meters are made from raw materials in the US and MX.

  5. Nice piece on Boston's water. Funny/ironic that the author supports public control (to avoid private profiteers) when public control led to cost overruns (public profiteers?).
H/Ts to DL, TM, MT

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