11 May 2013

Flashback: 6-12 May 2012

A year later and still worth reading...

Economics 1, Groupon 0 -- down by 45 percent since last year.

Donate to support clean water research? Here's Ning's update:
I raised $2389, a bit over my initial target of $2000. It helped me start the project. I tested different media for Biosand filter to improve its turbidity and bacterial removal rates, and utilized silver for continuous disinfection. So far so good. Now I'm going to Malawi to investigate existing Biosand filters that Safe Water International (the non-profit that I work with) installed before and test my disinfection unit with silver, as well as to gain a first-hand experience of living in rural African communities.

Water Chat -- Don Gaydon What did he get up to? (see below)

Do the right thing -- Is do what you want a good environmental policy?
Addendum: I’m afraid I don’t have a lot to update – water has been abundant in the Riverina region over the last 3 years (La Nina years, following a decade of drought) and the whole matter of adapting to water scarcity in irrigated cropping has slipped off the agenda. It will return to forefront in coming years I’m sure as we cycle back into drought, but for now there’s a general feeling amongst farmers of “climate change is crap… the ‘good ol’ days’ have returned”. I myself am now working primarily in South Asia on rice-based systems and adaptation to reduced water, however am still attempting to promote my previous work on Australian irrigation water management whenever I can.

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