24 May 2013

Anything but water

  1. A month ago, The Economist called for an end to affirmative action. I agree, as I prefer policies that help the poor over those directed at skin tint or ancestry. Read these articles on post-racial society in the US to see why... or just listen to Carlin:

  2. How the Swedes are changing their health care system, and a podcast on the value of subsidies for medical care/insurance in the US (Oregon). My quibble with that discussion of a study that found no health impacts but significant reductions in anxiety for those with coverage is that their discussion of an equivalent benefit via income subsidies (doubling people's income to make them equally happy) missed the obvious solution: mandate insurance for everyone and give subsidies to the poor. That's how the Dutch do it, and it's cheap and effective.

  3. Enlightening/frightening details of how corruption works in Congo's mining sector.

  4. Over 900 people died in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh when a building full of garment workers collapsed. How to stop future disasters? Some called for clothing makers to withdraw from Bangladesh, but that would leave millions without jobs; others called for government intervention and better working standards, but the local government is corrupt and incompetent. I'd prefer that clothing buyers require factories to carry insurance against disasters, because insurance companies with skin in the game would make sure that conditions were safe -- or they'd charge for greater risk. Combine a policy with public reporting of premiums, and you've got a good monitoring and reporting system.

  5. Compensation to who? "A plan to build a convention centre in Alabama using money given by BP to restore the coast of the Gulf of Mexico has angered environmentalists, raising concerns over how funds to improve the environment are spent."

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RD said...

Item #5. Are you kidding me?

What about all the income from cigarettes and booze that is supposed to go to get people off or treat them?

It goes into the respective General Funds and is used to fix pot holes.

Remember the San Diego scam. They raised water fees to acquire more water and/or fix WATER infrastructure.

It got used to fix pot holes.

Customers sued and won.

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