24 Apr 2013

Speed blogging

Ok, I'd LOVE this in front of my house (more pix)
  1. Sanity on the Colorado? It seems that Minute 319 allocates additional River water to Mexico if that water is allowed to flow through the Colorado delta to the Sea of Cortez (the language in the minute is all legal mumbo-jumbo to me). This newsletter [pdf] gives a clearer description of the minute, which has other elements related to water sharing. I worry that it does not take lower average flows into account. Your thoughts? (Will this help or hinder Colorado's [media] status as America's "most endangered river"?)

  2. Definitely true: "Any country or industry that wants to stay competitive must properly manage its water."

  3. Forget the old tap. How about a "high tech drinking fountain" that delivers cold, bubble water and advertisements... for anyone with a smart card? (I hope the local government is not wasting taxpayer money on this!)

  4. A simple and free groundwater modelling course: MicroFEM.

  5. Join Binayak Das to discuss water and integrity (corruption) on 25 Apr (13:00 GMT) over at the Water Channel [click here]. Related: I'll be speaking on 5 Jun at a conference Bin's organizing.
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