16 Apr 2013

So, you want to be a water economist?*

HA writes:
I would like to ask you what one needs to do to become an water economist? I'm a finance and accounting professional if that helps at all??

I live in South Africa. What material or source does one need to seek for information?
I wrote back:
Well, I think you just need to get started on understanding what goes wrong and what goes right.

The key idea is to make connections from policies, incentives and actions to good or bad outcomes.

THEN you need to get people's attention.

Remember, above all, that water is not managed in markets (usually), so there is LOTS of space for discretion -- for better or worse.
Do you readers have more ideas or resources to suggest?
* I began a comment on reddit with "I'm a water economist," and the next comment was "I doubt it." How does one lay claim to such a profession? There's no union or certification, so you just have to DO it. It's handy to get paid for doing it, but I'd say that it's more important to have sensible understanding and ideas on the issues.

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