10 Apr 2013

Question of the week

I've always downplayed the importance of the "generation gap" as mostly a gap in knowledge of pop culture, but what if people of a different generation just THINK differently?*

This comment on Reddit made me step back:
Person 1: Many people have flawless mechanical memory, but most of them are quite bad at understanding tasks and using logic.

Person 2: Part of that is the focus in high school in memorization of facts rather than critical thinking and problem solving.

Person 3: Welcome to the world of No Child Left Behind and standardized tests. This is what happens to education when non-educators try to reform the school systems.
So I'm thinking that Person 1 is right, since I've run into people who are good at the facts or details but who cannot put them together in a logical way. Is that a function of nature (born that way) or nurture (trained that way)?

Persons 2 and 3 seem to think nurture. That leads to the next question: is this a national or global trend?

Please comment.

* Read this on how we think. Excerpt:
Someone who is really seeking the truth should be eager to collect new information through listening rather than speaking, construe opposing perspectives in their most favorable light, and offer information of which the other parties are not aware, instead of simply repeating arguments the other side has already heard.
If you like that, then read this discussion on the difference between intelligence, rationality and groupthink.