13 Apr 2013

Flashback: 8-14 Apr 2012

A year later and still worth reading...

Why planners fail -- a small post on a big topic.

The value of water -- everyone gets it wrong because it's not possible to know!

Water Chat -- Yoav Kislev -- on water in Israel. We danced around Israel's theft of Palestinian water, which two other Israeli water experts have denied*

Federal insurance fail -- i.e., how politicians ruined incentives.

* "We pump from our side of the border" but they pump from a shared aquifer AND do not give Palestinians permission to pump. When I bring up these points, they say "it's all political." No, it's not. It's theft, and that means that Israeli water management is neither fair nor sustainable.
Addendum: One guy said: "We ship them 50 MCM of water per year." I asked "how much does Israel take from the Sea of Galilee?" He said "250 MCM" without seeing the irony.

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