27 Apr 2013

Flashback: 22-28 Apr 2012

A year later and still worth reading...

A decentralized path to development and freedom, i.e., two passports for everyone gives people freedom to leave and makes governments compete to make citizens happy.

The roots of conservatism, i.e., staying alive.

The Death and Life of... Cities -- The Review Anyone who lives in a city should read this; urban planners may quit after they do. Here's a recent podcast with Ed Glaeser on the same topic (i.e., transit subsidies bad; suburbs maybe ok)

Green tax or greeenwash was about our paper on groundwater taxes in the Netherlands. We recently revised it for a journal, so check out the new version:
Abstract: We examine the Dutch national groundwater tax (GWT) --- a "win-win, green" tax that promised to reduce distortions by simultaneously reducing the income tax burden and improving environmental outcomes. We find no evidence of those outcomes. Instead, we see that the GWT increased distortions by taxing a narrow base (a few drinking water companies reliant on raw groundwater) and interfering with groundwater management programs funded by an existing provincial groundwater fee. The Dutch government revoked the GWT for being fiscally inefficient and environmentally unhelpful on December 31 2011, but this story provides some useful lessons.

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