20 Apr 2013

Flashback: 15-21 Apr 2012

A year later and still worth reading...

How to be happier, safer and richer -- by ending the war on drugs. It's good to see progress in WA and CO, as well as other parts of the world. Legalized drugs would be better for the poor who end up in jail, the innocent shot by gangs fighting over turf, taxpayers who would save money on useless programs, and everyone who likes to smoke like others like to drink. The losers? Cops who prefer "arresting" druggies to murderers and alcohol and pharmaceutical companies that don't like competition. Happy 4/20.

Catch the mice! The MDG on water is "achieved" but 3 billion people still lack access to SAFE water. UN Fail.

Nature is a better water engineer -- esp. when we compare nature with silly politicians!

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