23 Apr 2013

Aquacue gets paid for innovation -- and customers win

I've been advising Aquacue for a few years, and I'm pleased to announce that Badger Meter (biggest metering company in the US) bought Aquacue for about $15 million a few weeks ago. I introduced them and got some compensation, but three cheers to Shahram and his team for building up that much value in 3-4 years!

Aquacue makes smart meters that -- importantly -- use cellular spectrum to broadcast real time use to webpages, smart phones, etc. Cellular means that it's possible for one person to get a smart meter; it's not necessary to put up new infrastructure for a whole neighborhood.

Aquacue has rebranded itself "Badger Meter's Silicon Valley Innovation Center," and I expect that their new partnership is going to bring their great ideas to you a little sooner.*


Bottom Line: There's innovation in the non-monopolistic side of the water sector.

* Now that I'm out of a job with Aquacue, I may have some time for you. Email me.