23 Apr 2013

Aquacue gets paid for innovation -- and customers win

I've been advising Aquacue for a few years, and I'm pleased to announce that Badger Meter (biggest metering company in the US) bought Aquacue for about $15 million a few weeks ago. I introduced them and got some compensation, but three cheers to Shahram and his team for building up that much value in 3-4 years!

Aquacue makes smart meters that -- importantly -- use cellular spectrum to broadcast real time use to webpages, smart phones, etc. Cellular means that it's possible for one person to get a smart meter; it's not necessary to put up new infrastructure for a whole neighborhood.

Aquacue has rebranded itself "Badger Meter's Silicon Valley Innovation Center," and I expect that their new partnership is going to bring their great ideas to you a little sooner.*


Bottom Line: There's innovation in the non-monopolistic side of the water sector.

* Now that I'm out of a job with Aquacue, I may have some time for you. Email me.


benjaminpink said...

This is such great news. Congrats to Shahram. I look forward to our Aquacue Pilot this summer!

Carol said...

How does AquaCue compare to WaterSmart? All you hear about here in the SF Bay area is WaterSmart.

David Zetland said...

Shahram emails: "They are a software only company. WaterSmart has done an excellent job getting pilots underway in the Bay Area. She is correct in that. They are very similar to OPower. The barrier to entry for a competitor in this space is quite low. "

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