8 Apr 2013

Anything but water

I've got a TON of material for analytical posts, but I'm in a hurry, so enjoy these cool links:
  1. This project (in Dutch, use google translate if you want to read more) had children tell their city councilors what actions are most important to them (and the city). A good way to integrate citizens AND improve representation!

  2. A philosophical digression on hats and being a man, and A model discusses how awkward it is to live through your (fleeting) looks.

  3. A clever article showing just how far we've come with technology since 2000. Now we need to bring some of that innovating spirit -- with caution! -- to water management.

  4. Academics try to find out how many fish China is reporting catching. Seems that African nations are losing their food supply.

  5. Lawrence Lessig describes how Americans vote in elections that are fixed... by the 0.00042 percent. Sharp presentation with solutions. The Economist offers (supportive) context for partisan politics, worldwide.

  6. Banks and money: Save banking by killing it (i.e., separate deposits from loans), bankers are intellectually naked (they take risks with your money that they do not with their own), and an interesting book on how the monetary cycle -- not economic growth -- drives investment values. (I've thought this for years, in terms of money moving in and out of markets; that's why retiring boomers are likely to kill equity returns by selling shares.)


  1. Regarding #6:
    Wouldn't boomers' selling shares driver returns up by driving the prices of equities down? In other words, if credit it trying to leave the market, the market will counteract this by making itself more attractive.

    It seems to me that the negative effects of retiring boomers will be "real" ones, in the sense that a large part of the population will be strictly consuming rather than producing. This, it seems to me, would drive the real cost of consumption up.

  2. @outsider -- I agree on both, but those sales will be BAD for people (like me) who already OWN shares :)


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