27 Mar 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Self-inflicted destruction in Florida: The government's $800 million bailout of welfare queen sugar farmers and a good New Yorker story of how groundwater mismanagement creates monster sinkholes and pollutes springs in Florida.

  2. Last week, I gave a talk on success and failure in groundwater governance (PDF slides and 15 min mp3) at a conference on the same topic.*

  3. Small town "declares war" on high water rates. Fine by me if they kick out the water provider (paying for assets of course), since some towns may be able to supply their water at cheaper prices. Others may not.

  4. Another press release on a new desalination technology. Sounds good, now bring it to market. Oh, and don't think that cheap filters are going to bring abundance.You still need to pay for infrastructure AND pump that water to customers in dry places.

  5. Investors want to profit by adapting to climate change. No shit. Said. That. Before.
Three H/Ts to DL

* In the Q&A Gabriel Eckstein asked if "all subsidies are bad" as I had claimed. I clarified that subsidies to private goods (e.g., tap water, food or gasoline) are bad because they distort prices and thus decisions. Subsidies to public and club goods (e.g., environment, some education, etc.) are defensible if they align private decisions with social (welfare) outcomes.