19 Mar 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Don't formalize "informal water providers" who are helping people get water; help them deliver services.

  2. Very good news: Judge says that California farmers are NOT entitled to water as a right based on past deliveries.

  3. Go learn: UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education launched its Open Course Ware platform

  4. "Arab Countries Need $75 Billion Annually to Deal With Water Challenges." No they don't. They need to control demand, e.g., charging more than 1% of cost for water.

  5. Good article [$] (I'm quoted) on how Colorado farmers are trying to limit groundwater overdraft by taxing withdrawals to pay for fallowing.
H/Ts to DL and RM

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Yu Jiang said...

It's a pity that few economists attend this conference. Economic aspect is not emphasizes. I am curious about the role of market force in groundwater management (governance). For instance, will market work in groundwater pollution treatment? I saw one opinion saying that the market for groundwater pollution treatment won't be as effective as surface water treatment market. Although they are both public goods, groundwater is invisible, and surface water touches interest of important sectors such as real estate.

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