15 Mar 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Going down the Colorado in 3 minutes. The kayakers took 113 days to get to the Sea of Cortez, but they had to walk over a Colorado Delta that's dry because irrigation drains the river.

  2. Hurricanes are getting worse -- via climate change.

  3. Should plastic be regulated as a hazardous material? Makes sense to me if it reduces plastic in the environment, but not if it, e.g., prevents incineration. Speaking of plastic, here's a paper on marine pollution.

  4. Water policy in India (not sure I agree with the authors, but more discussion is better). This paper, OTOH, is HIGHLY recommended, as it explains how the government of Gujarat reformed electricity policy to reduce subsidies, help villagers, improve irrigation efficiency, and stabilize groundwater levels [PDF].

  5. Aquadoc ties to track down the backers of 100(1) wells in Darfur and finds donations but no wells. Fraud or incompetence?
H/T to AZ