11 Mar 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Mike Young (Australian Professor with lots of experience in water markets) has a new report "A generic framework for the abstraction and utilisation of water in England and Wales" [pdf]. Take a look to learn more about how to get markets up and running. Oh, and then read this recent article (quoting Mike) on the successes and challenges in Australia's water markets.

  2. This activist group says "The California State Water Resources Control Board released a report [PDF] that highlights the need to create a fee on the sale of commercial fertilizer to provide funding to communities struggling with the impacts of nitrate contamination of their groundwater supply." I agree. California farmers need to cover the costs that they have imposed on others (negative externalities) -- most notably to replace polluted groundwater with clean drinking water.

  3. Nice summary of the promise (and sometimes failure) of Water User Associations

  4. This paper argues that groundwater rights can, indeed, be "taken" without violating property rights.

  5. A provisional summary of the EPA’s Study of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources [PDF] and an interesting point: fracking uses one-third the water it takes to produce natural gas from conventional sources (NB: these sources are neither exploding in popularity nor gross water users). Finally, this paper suggests how to regulate fracking, a topic I covered 18 months ago.
H/T to TS

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