1 Mar 2013

Speed blogging

  1. This 2003 Australian report [pdf] lays out a cachment management strategy that combines financial incentives with a regulatory "duty of care" to improve environmental results over time (at right).

  2. Nice article discussing ways to value nature as a source of green infrastructure services (reservoirs, flood control, water treatment) that can displace/improve on "gray" [concrete] infrastructure.

  3. "Declining Water Sales and Utility Revenues: A Framework for Understanding and Adapting" is pretty thorough, but I recommend they make their task easier by targeting cost recovery first, then conservation (price > cost). There's no point in selling water for cheap to help the poor (give them money) or in using increasing block rates (uniform rates work, and they're easier). For an academic view, read this paper [pdf], which shows how scarcity-sensitive prices can ration water efficiently.

  4. "This is the first study that tries to establish an empirical effect of relative water scarcity — as measured by falling river levels — and river temperatures on electricity prices."

  5. We visited the Green School in Bali (a great school if you have an expat salary), where they are teaching kids about their watershed (item 3). Do this everywhere!
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