20 Mar 2013

Question of the week

Customer service is job 1!
I'm thinking that "water manager" is not the right title for people who work at drinking water utilities, irrigation districts, and other water organizations.

That's because they are not really supposed to manage water supply and demand as much as make it easier for the real users, their customers, to get the water they need.

Managers move people or objects around to meet organization goals that they set, but water managers don't really know the goal. They know how much water there is. Customers know the goal.

I'm thinking that "managers" are more like waterboys who deliver water where and when it's needed, on command.

But that's not a very powerful title, is it?

Got a better one?

Or, got another reason for why they should be called managers or a different reason why they should be called something else?

Do tell.