5 Mar 2013

Question of the week

There are two types of people: those who think there are too many regulations and those who think there are not enough.

I'm wondering if it's possible to satisfy BOTH, by allowing various competitive business subject to regulation* to "go naked," i.e., do business without regulations intended to protect... customers or workers.

How would it work? Customers or workers would be told "at the door" which regulations were not being complied with (in the paperwork sense), and they could then decide if they wanted to work there, eat there, buy clothes, take the drugs, etc. (I know that these guys would be happy with this idea.)

They would, in other words, take responsibility for their choices.

Others could rely on the state to protect them.

What do you think?
* That is, NOT regulations on monopolies, environmental (common pool/public) goods, etc. Private goods for sure; club goods with competition (e.g., health clubs).


  1. Like making a subset of commercial aviation (airlines and terminals) not subject to TSA checks? I would very likely pay a premium to fly that.

  2. With respect to water, due to the hard realities of a definite amount and location of water and fuzzy and wishful thinking by water users and decision makers adequate regulation is necessary. A jurisdiction such as Colorado where the numbers add up is very different from a jurisdiction like Texas, or China, where they don't.


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