5 Mar 2013

Fuck time zones

Arg! I thought that Guillermo (in Chile) was in the same time zone as ET, but no, his time is moved by that gratuitous disaster, "daylight savings." (We REALLY need a single time zone)

So no chat about water in Chile today.

We've rescheduled for next Tuesday, at 14:30 UTC [what's that time where you are?], on Google+. Hope to see you there.

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Umlud said...

Well, the time in Chile is the same as the East Coast of the US during the North American summer, and two hours different (Chile being 2 hours ahead of the US East Coast) during the Chilean summer (i.e., North American winter). Just to make things confusing, the time shifts aren't at the same time, so there are a couple of weeks in fall/spring when there is only 1 hour of difference (with Chile being ahead, obviously).

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