6 Mar 2013

Double-gold-plated carbon credits anyone?

I guess that Swiss carbon credits are WAY more reliable than "regular" Gold Standard credits, which are about 5 times better costlier than the ETS carbon credits companies buy.

I sense a scam akin to what we saw with dot.com accounting.*

In related (but intentionally ironic) news, "European Investment Bank (EIB) president Werner Hoyer was forced to say this morning, during the EIB’s annual press conference, that an announcement that the bank would give up lending to coal was `pure nonsense'. And this, despite the fact that Hoyer repeatedly referred to the EIB as a frontrunner in the fight against climate change."

Bottom Line: Not all tons -- or bank statements -- deserve the same weight.

* Want more scams? Read this Underwriters Laboratories report [pdf via JM] for a nice summary of greenwashing. My favorite:
Sin of Lesser of Two Evils: committed by claims that may be true within the product category, but that risk distracting the consumer from the greater environmental impacts of the category as a whole. Organic cigarettes might be an example of this category, as might be fuel-efficient sport-utility vehicles.

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