27 Mar 2013

Bleg: Kiev, Andalucia, Montenegro and the Yukon

Cornelia and I are planning trips to these places in the next few months.

First: What's the best stuff to see or experience?

Second: Are there any people, objects or institutions that I should see, as a water geek.

Thanks for any comments or help here or via email.


Anonymous said...

On the way to the Yukon, and as a true water geek, you may want to see the Rocky Mountain Trench and imagine it full of water as envisioned in the NAWAPA Plan. River-wise, rafting down the Alsek, Mackenzie, or Stikine would be hard to beat.

Unknown said...

Kiev, obviously, has the water museum. The only other water-related landmark that comes to mind is the restored historical Samson water fountain.

Vladimir Vysotsky said...

Sorry, the URL should be http://kiev.com/sights/view/water-museum

Enrique said...

In Montenegro you must travel the long and narrow "serpentine" road ... Beautiful views

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