8 Mar 2013

Anything but water

  1. America may be an "exceptional country" but so are Americans, in terms of the ways that they see and cooperate with others. That's a problem when most behavioral research into humans uses American subjects. Semi-related: has the internet changed the power of special interests and difficulty of collective action?

  2. Bike helmets lower children's injuries... by lowering the number of children on bikes. (The Dutch -- kids too -- don't wear helmets).

  3. Hotter temperatures from climate change will lower productivity (lowers mine!).

  4. Doh! Wind farms in Scotland are generating more carbon than they save because they are being erected on peat bogs that dry out and release carbon.

  5. This podcast discusses Valve, a VERY SUCCESSFUL video games company without management (cool!), and ends with a nice summary of the euro-zone crisis. Varoufakis proposes to:
    1. Separate the banking crisis from the sovereign debt crisis by liquidating banks.*
    2. Have the European Central Bank issue bonds to cover debt consistent with the Maastricht Treaty; remaining debt stays with sovereign states.
    3. With debts under control, allow the European Investment Bank to fund good projects on a commercial basis.

* In 2008, I said "banks matter" at the same time as I called for the business cycle to be allowed to run its course. In 2009, I called for too big to fail bankruptcies, even before I got mad at political and academic corruption.

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