12 Mar 2013

Anything but water

  1. This paper [pdf] does a really good job at demolishing GDP as a indicator of economic activity -- or anything much of use. I used it, by the way, for my paper "Economists owe ecology an apology." Thanks very much to the 20+ people (many on this blog) who read and commented on an earlier version. Read the new one and tell me what you think. Semi-related: "The rise and fall of ecological economics" was interesting and these guys have a LOT of information on environmentally harmful subsidies.

  2. I forgot to post these articles on aid and development: UK corruption and dams in Malaysia, the importance of mobile phones to the poor, the problem of village-level corruption, and how locals can help foreigners invest.

  3. Is this a sign of a robust or dysfunctional debate? 100 definitions of sustainable [pdf]

  4. Low self-esteem in children linked to praising them for personal qualities instead of effort.

  5. Ten reasons why it's good for Venezuelans that Chavez is dead.
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