4 Mar 2013

Anything but water

  1. Are you a concerned citizen who supports Occupy and/or the Tea Party? "GIMBY [Government In My BackYard] doesn’t try to tell the whole story of American government. It encourages people to learn about the agencies and issues that matter in their lives." Check it out.

  2. The Economist on the self-centered attendees at Davos (short version: "we're all special and the world should cater to us") and a very good survey of what the Nordic countries are getting right (mostly) and wrong.

  3. "Government welfare creates its own demand" and other truths from Down Under. The Dutch, btw, are FAR harder on government- taxpayer-funded schemes that the US or Australian governments.

  4. An exploration of libertarian paternalism by Cass Sunstein (Mr. Nudge)

  5. An interesting analysis [pdf] of poor farming practices in Africa and sales pitch for the importation of S. American talent.
H/T to MK

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