12 Mar 2013

Airline win, fail and WTF

I use Kayak.com to compare airline prices (they sometimes include Southwest), and I love this new feature that recommends whether you should buy now or later:

SAS airways, OTOH, totally screwed up my trip to Copenhagen. They rescheduled my morning departure to a later time, so that my return flight left before I landed. WTF?!

I cancelled my meeting and had a phone call instead (carbon credits!), but now I have to wait 6 weeks for Travelocity-Kayak-SAS to refund my money. It only takes 15 seconds to pay but 6 weeks to refund? I wonder about this outsourcing stuff, as it ALSO took me 5 calls to customer service in India, which could not contact the NY SAS office that Travelocity works with because they were always closed when I called from Europe (SAS is based in Europe!). FAIL.

(That said, here's a great example of how the supply chain DOES work -- for Coca Cola :)

1 comment:

  1. "15 seconds to pay but 6 weeks to refund?" Of course, commerce action!


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