22 Feb 2013

Speed blogging

  1. "This paper [pdf] seeks to assess the current status of water quality trading and to identify possible problems and solutions... We describe six criteria for successful pollution trading programs and consider how these apply to standard water quality problems... if current water quality trading programs are to function as the “leading edge” of a new frontier in cost-effective pollution permit trading in the United States." Oh, and here's an entire issue of [open access] articles on water quality trading and a great op/ed on updating the Clean Water Act for non-point source pollution by George Hawkins, GM of DC Water.

  2. Water.org's Matt Damon is "going on strike" for clean water. The video is cute, but I wish they had put more effort into the causes (governance) instead of claiming that "your $25 can give water to someone for life" because it won't. Same case with "UN Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation Catarina de Albuquerque," who's telling Thais to spend money they don't have instead of talking about governance. Waste of breath.

  3. Watch this 4 minute TED talk on the Water Canary, a cheap(ish) device for testing water in real time (on my wish list!), then read the Q&A. Looking forward to seeing this on the market!

  4. Israel and Palestine don't really "cooperate" on water due to Israel's "hydro-hegemony".

  5. Water Alternative's 2010 special issue on dams has a LOT of good articles.
H/Ts to ML, RR and SISWEB

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