19 Feb 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Here's a YouTube video of a 33 minute interview during which I discuss land grabs, water and politics. I made the video from Kuala Lumpur, so that may explain why my lips and words are not synchronized (listening may be better than watching).

  2. "Water demand from energy to double by 2035"... unless we start pricing for scarcity!

  3. Climate change will mean that people are going to get pounded, and pounded again, by "unnatural" rain, floods, drought, etc. -- just as this town near Brisbane has been flooded again. Residents' shock, disbelief and vows to rebuild will end only when they give up on their sunk costs and embrace their new, non-stationary status in a flood zone. CC means that cities will be abandoned.*

  4. WTF? Hungary to lend Sri Lanka $46 million for water treatment plant? Since when does a broke country lend money to a corrupt one for legitimate reasons. I'd LOVE to get more background on this!

  5. Don't watch this film! Run!
  6. "David Zetland discusses why water, money and politics are intrinsically linked and the importance for water managers to remain transparent. Case studies will show success in Australia and challenges in Las Vegas."

* In marginally-related news, I watched skimmed Waterworld and learned that the future features bad dialogue and clothes made out of stretchy rags. Disaster (of a film).

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