27 Feb 2013

Question of the week

In the US, the Democratic party tolerates small time crooks (e.g., welfare cheats) but Republicans tolerate big time crooks (e.g., bailed-out bankers).

Or do both parties basically work for the one percent? For the military-industrial complex, big agribusiness, the housing mafia, and so on.

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Robpublican said...

I have to disagree. It looks to me like the Democrats are pretty tolerant of the big time crooks too. Remember that it was a Democratic congress that passed the bailout legislation.

Not only that but a Democratic administration took over very near the beginning of the recession and has been in charge since. How many indictments have come out of it related to the financial crisis?

DW said...

Of course they do. Where do you think they get campaign contributions from?

Anonymous said...

Like most questions these days, this one presents a blank canvas for people to project their tribalism. *cough Robpublican*

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