21 Jan 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Climate change: Jakarta is underwater, drought in Brazil's Amazon, "unprecedented heat" in Australia, too much cold in India, and black soot from diesel and wood fire cooking is responsible for a LOT of global warming (luckily, it's easier to reduce than CO2).

  2. Disaster! Russia is overhauling its tariff system to make it uniform across the country (terrible idea! postage stamp prices are a disaster for efficiency) but also reserves the right to change those prices for political reasons.

  3. Wow! New Dehli's "Green Court" has halted construction due to unsustainable use of groundwater.

  4. Big implications: Scientists have proven that Canadian oil sands production is polluting nearby AND distant lakes. Industry can no longer claim pollution is from "natural sources." In related (sad) news, the US EPA has been caught favoring a fracking polluter.

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