5 Jan 2013

Flashback: 23 Dec 2011 -- 5 Jan 2012

A year later and still worth a read...

Blue Revolution -- the review -- read this book, but before you do, start off the new year by Cleaning the pipes.

One year ago, I stated where I'm going in 2012. One year later, and I am basically on that path (getting a few academic jobs done while expanding my time/impact on outreach). This year, I plan to spend even more time on outreach (and learning from the real world of water). My current contract ends in June, and I do not have a plan of what to do next. Give me ideas.

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  1. Dear David, you can come to south america, there is a lot of real life problems around water (as a resource or as a constitutional right). You might listen ideas supported by lawyers, sociologist, economist, politicians, little city major, etc. Come to Ecuador, here PHDs are welcome too (ask for SENESCYT)


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