7 Jan 2013

Anything but water

  1. Bad incentives I: "Electric-car owners in Washington will be hit with $100 fee" because the state government wants to maintain revenues that are falling due to lower gas consumption.

  2. Bad incentives II: California's carbon auction was a "success" because one company bid for double the available permits.

  3. A good rant/summary of Facebook's continued abuse of "social" (see image at right, setting my posts to "public" instead of "friends" as a default. Oh, and their way of generating money -- selling access to your email box -- falls under the "evil FB" scenario I outlined 30 months ago. I still have a FB account, but its future is doomed.

  4. We are using local SIM cards in Asia. It costs $3-4 to get a phone number and credits for calling and texting. This makes it VERY easy to arrange hotels and taxis while on the go (getting a jump on walk ins). This "just in time" booking system should improve efficiency for travelers and vendors. Oh, and they also make it easier to stay in touch with random people you meet.

  5. Russ does a great interview with an organic (capitalist) farmer.