29 Jan 2013

Aaron Swartz, RIP

Few of you have perhaps heard of Aaron Swartz, a "data liberator" who committed suicide three weeks ago at the age of 26. Swartz was one of the creators of RSS and worked on the WWW before we know what it was (yes, he was a prodigy).

I met him in late 2006 at a hactivist meeting in San Francico. He didn't work with me on my version of wikileaks, as he was busy with getting Reddit started, helped found Creative Commons, and releasing public documents from behind paywalls that had nothing do with information flow and everything to do with (unearned) monopoly rents.

Although Swartz struggled with depression, many have linked his suicide with an over-zealous prosecution more interested in enforcing (industry-written) laws against data sharing than jailing bankers for stealing billions. The scales of justice are truly unbalanced.

Bottom Line: I did not find any organized memorial in honor of Swartz, but others have suggested that academics freely release their work to the public, using the tag #pdftribute (see next post). Aaron would have agreed:

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Anonymous said...

I think this is the official memorial site: www.rememberaaronsw.com.

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