11 Dec 2012

The Doha talks on climate change

Interesting results on the conversion of "aid" from developed countries into "compensation" to developing countries for losses and damage due to CC. Although cap and trade sounds good on paper, I think they need to remove offsets (seems that the Clean Development Mechanism is dead anyway) and just stick with straight emissions, while counting deforestation as a net emission. I am not sure if countries with caps cannot use a tax to reduce emissions but I don't see why not.

Oh, and THIS is funny as hell:
There was last-minute drama as the talks were thrown into turmoil by the insistence of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus that they should be allowed extra credit for the emissions cuts they made when their industries collapsed.

After a long delay, the chairman lost patience, re-started the meeting and gavelled through the agenda so fast there was no chance for Russia to object.

A cheer exploded into prolonged applause. Russia bitterly objected at what it said was a clear breach of procedure, but the chairman said he would do no more than reflect the Russian view in the final report.
Bottom Line: Progress has restored some momentum. Now the US and China have to stop fucking around.
Written in Kuala Lumpur, where the rivers are dirty and people are way more interested in smart phones than in reducing their footprints. (There's a sign for a bike race in a few weeks, but that propaganda is overwhelmed by the car traffic. Saw some bikes in the parks, but NONE on any city roads.)