11 Dec 2012

Question of the week

Many people have told me that the Chinese government if "serious" about improving environmental conditions.

Do you have any evidence for or against this idea?

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  1. 1) 74 of the top Chinese cities will have to start reporting on PM2.5 particulate pollution by the end of the year. Chap I know doing CSR type stuff in China reckons this will lead to moving large industry out of city core (which is already happening in the top 20 cities) and replacing coal whenever possible.


    2) comprehensive, and not necessarily favourable, report on China's efforts to tighten up its green legislation http://www.chinadialogue.net/reports/4550-Green-law-in-China/en

    Long story short ... yes it is serious, but only in the usual controlled, one-step-at-a-time way in which China ever does anything.


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