24 Dec 2012

Last post for 2012

Aguanomics is on vacation until 2 Jan, but consider this...

'twas the night before Christmas
And all 'round the Earth
Fewer creatures were stirring
In habitats of degraded worth

Forests were disappearing
Turned into Ikea settees
Wetlands were drained
Developed behind levees

The people in big cheap houses
Sat in extra wide chairs
Their children were fat
From eating palm oil eclairs

Flora and fauna everywhere ran
As their homes turned in garbage cans
The businessmen were pleased to see profits grow
Due to royalties set far too low

Politicians rubbed their job making hands
Taking bribes to give away other people's lands
They only looked one election ahead
They will retire before we're all dead

But nature is neither free nor endless
Our burdens on it retard our progress
The profits of some increase burdens for all
That's what we mean by unsustainable

So remember this season to spare a thought
For losses from our environment too cheaply bought
Then write down an action for twenty thirteen
To stop politicians from selling our collective dream

We all share responsibility
To stop corruption and destruction that robs humanity
But we cannot look to our neighbors to act
We must take the lead to turn dream into fact

So do it for creatures great and small
So do it for me and you and those pushed to the wall
But do it mostly because this is the only earth we've got
There's nothing to enjoy if rainbows turn to rot.


Balasubramanian Rudrasamy said...

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it and forwarded it to many of my colleagues and friends.
Rudrasamy Balasubramanian,Professor, TNAU, Coimbatore

http://toenre.com/ said...

Dear Dr David Zetland, your poem is of great relevance to India as the country is facing now the problem of poor quality governance. The recent elections of Delhi have proved that people of Delhi want good governance through the birth of a new political .... I have shared your poem with Prof Deshpande, former Director of ISEC, Bangalore who is also an excellent poet and shares some of his poems with me. I am not a poet, but have appreciation for poetry. Kudos.
MG Chandrakanth, UAS Bangalore

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