14 Dec 2012

Anything but water

  1. "EPA Says Its Ethanol Rules Aren't Driving Up Food Prices." In other news, the EPA has its head up its ass (if the ethanol blending requirement doesn't matter, then let's get rid of it!) AAA, luckily, is paying attention, since E-15 blended gas can damage your engine.

  2. A veteran doctor attacks Big Pharma. Tyler disagrees, but I think he's missing the damage from misallocation due to the distortions of propaganda, misinformation and principal-agent failures.

  3. The surreal world of state control: "Abortion on request was first legalized in Romania in 1957... In 1966, the Government dramatically altered its policy. Concerned about the low rate of population growth, it introduced a number of measures to increase the fertility rate" ...and it gets worse [doc]

  4. The Straight Dope on cheap Mexican vanilla

  5. I, Pencil (the movie) talks about the invisible hand in glowing (and nicely illustrated) terms (a la Hayek) but them veers into CEI propaganda. Watch the first 4 minutes.
H/T to CD

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