7 Nov 2012

Speed blogging

  1. This Nature Conservancy site helps you identify the source of your drinking water in California. Go learn something.

  2. Another article on the difference between investing in water as a resource and water services.

  3. Jamie Workman and I discuss Heart of Dryness (his book on sustainability in Botswana), good dams-bad dams and his work on fisheries at EDF (70 min video). Also read this article linking poor water management to dead fisheries.

  4. Top ten desalination disasters... from a financial perspective.

  5. Water Alternatives has a special issue on "corporate engagement in water policy" that, IMO, puts too much weight on vague "stakeholder interests" and too little on the importance of government failure. I lament this omission because my paper on that topic was rejected from that issue, which also has an apologetic paper on water footprinting that's really a veiled defense for using a failed methodology. Do NOT put these people in charge of your water! If you want to read something a little more relevant, read how businesses are wrestling with the value and management of water.
H/Ts to PJ and ER

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