14 Nov 2012

Speed blogging

  1. A really interesting post discussing groundwater management in China via a fee on metered abstractions. Water levels are up. Costs are recovered. DO THIS! EVERYWHERE!

  2. I gave a talk on water economics -- the big picture -- to a class on Integrated Water Management. Here are my slides [pps] and the mp3 files [45 min 31 min]

  3. I'll be speaking in Amsterdam on 21 Nov (20:00 -- 22:00) on TEoA. Come by!

  4. An interesting article (by lawyers) exploring the pressures the US Army Corps of Engineers faces as it tries to manage projects across the US. I wrote "markets" about 50 times in the margin.

  5. Alex Maziotis discusses the costs and benefits of breaking up water monopolies.

  6. The ecological, economic, social, and political consequences of ocean acidification


DCS said...

David, your link for the slides presented to the class on IWM doesn't appear to be working. Can you check that and repost? Thanks, great blog BTW.

David Zetland said...

@DCS -- fixed!

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