1 Nov 2012

Speed blogging

  1. Another story of farmers "losing out" to frackers. That's the market, delivering water to its highest value. Farmers, note, are often sellers.

  2. An in-pipe energy turbine. Cool.

  3. This paper discusses the impact of adding another tier to increasing block rates in Santa Cruz. People subject to higher prices use less water in case you were wondering.

  4. Ariel and Monique are young engineers with a fun (and geeky) water blog. I liked their posts explaining charcoal filters and how to provide effective assistance overseas.

  5. Photos of Google's data centers highlight the importance of a reliable water supply.
H/Ts to AC, MM and PP


  1. I remember discussing the concept of small-scale, in-pipe energy turbines a few years ago. It makes great sense if you're willing to put up with end-of-pipe pressure losses (due to friction) and if the system is truly gravity fed.

    If the system is artificially pressurized (or water is pumped up high to provide the pressure, as it would be in a water storage tower), it doesn't make any sense. You'd be creating electricity from kinetic energy that was originally electricity. Nothing is free!

  2. David,

    Thanks so much for listing us in your post! We love reading your blog!



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