6 Nov 2012

Elect today and get to work tomorrow

The unprecedented election is today.

Check out this website to see which candidate matches your views. It's far more informative than making a decision based on tax returns, sound bites or skin color. It also shows (to me) that alternative party candidates offer no hope sound policy positions.

I decided not to vote from the Netherlands, since California is in the bag for Obama, but now I'm thinking I should have voted libertarian, since that "message" would have more weight.

In any case, I -- like the Economist -- think that Romney's schizophrenia (craven populist, social darwinist or fiscal terrorist?) and the neanderthal policies of his party makes him unsupportable for president.*

But -- and here's my big point about this election and your vote -- remember that "democracy every two years" is not working. I could say MANY things about why that's a problem, but here's my attempt to keep it simple:
  1. Representative government does not make it easy to elect ONE person to represent us on many issues.
  2. Government power has extended into areas of life best left to individuals.
  3. Both parties are vying to take over government to inflict their policies onto others rather than implement policies that serve us all.
  4. The solution (less government) implies a DAILY battle to remove government shackles, not a bi-annual struggle to get the "right guys" in.
Bottom Line: Go vote, but put the other 95 percent of your energy into pushing for effective (read: smaller) government of, by and for the people.

* I would prefer to see a few more of THESE bumper stickers:
  • Patriotism is loving your country; nationalism is hating others.
  • The difference between patriotism and nationalism is TRUTH.
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