27 Nov 2012

Anything but water

  1. The EU should kill the CAP (common agricultural policy) as a give away to farmers that does nothing for food security or equity and harms the environment. The same holds for US farmers. When will voters stop politicians from transferring their money to rich farmers lobbyists?

  2. Dan Ariely's podcast on "ego depletion, and how the longer we resist temptation, the more likely we are to give in later."

  3. A GREAT post on the high price of false security (e.g., TSA).

  4. (Unintentionally) funny and VERY true analysis of how the Monitor Group of management consultants went bankrupt due to their inability to deliver value to consumers. (Curiously, their website does not mention the BK, but their top news item is "Global Entrepreneurship Week Policy Turns Up Unexpected Results." I guess so! Oh, and I received $500 for consulting with them for one hour one time. Their client paid more, but at least MY advice was worth the price :)

  5. Transparency leads to development in India, i.e., better water and nutrition.

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