16 Nov 2012

A local conference for local issues

CM asked me for advice on how to plan a regional conference on water, energy, food and development.

Here's my advice:
  1. Get local water managers, regulators, lawyers, engineers, business people, et al. to give guest lectures, establish internships, participate in "what do we do in the future" debates, etc. In the end, local water management is going to matter the most and that takes cooperation among all parties. Read this post for more.
  2. Ask those people for the hot topics that they'd want to see at this conference. If you get any politicians involved (state legislature to local mayors), then get then on a panel to debate this stuff.
  3. Record and upload EVERYTHING. Keep people on the record AND make it easier for others to "attend" later.
  4. Follow up on discussions and promises made according to DEADLINES.
  5. Repeat until there's no innovation to do and the system runs smoothly.
Did I miss anything?

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