1 Oct 2012

Speed blogging

  • The deadline to submit an abstract for the 3rd International Conference on Water Economics, Statistics, and Finance (Marbella, Spain) is 5 Oct. Go for it.*

  • "Eat less water" discusses dry (non-irrigated) farming and the need for a "sustainable water" label. I'd prefer that irrigators pay the "right" price for water (the price that balanced supply and demand) so that food reflected the real cost of sustainability.

  • A really interesting discussion among 10 people on bringing transparency to the water sector. I like the Google Hangout format.

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has developed a desalination technology that is robust and low-maintenance. They are looking for industry partners to bring it to market. Respond by 5 Oct!

  • A researcher in India won a food prize for helping farmers get cheap access to water. I'll give her a prize for further degrading water sustainability. FAIL.

* I am on the (underworked and underpaid) scientific committee.

H/Ts to JM, MM and RP

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