25 Oct 2012

Speed blogging -- Ooska news edition

I have a complimentary subscription to this useful newsletter [$$$]. These quotations from recent stories are lightly edited for clarity:
  1. "European Union auditors reviewed 23 projects in six [African] nations and found that in many cases, the projects were not sustainable and fewer than half were meeting the needs of beneficiaries, citing poor long-term financial and technical support."

  2. "The ongoing economic crisis, and the very high price for scrap metal, have led to an increase in theft of metal pipes that presents a serious threat to the security of fresh and wastewater networks in Ukraine."

  3. "The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board has shut down all water hydrants in the city in a bid to stop water theft... utility service officials must have been involved in the illegal activity."

  4. "Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki fired Livestock and Development Assistant Minister Dhadho Godhana for inciting violence between pastoral and farming communities along the Tana River Delta that has taken the lives of an estimated 112 people."

  5. "Some 17,000 people have been displaced by floodwaters in northern Cameroon. Continuous rainfall and the release of enormous quantities of water from the Ladgo Dam caused the Benue River to burst its banks, flooding neighboring residential areas... there are also fears that the artificial lake there, initially constructed for rice irrigation, could collapse."

  6. "Israel’s agriculture sector is set to receive a 25 million cubic meter increase in water supply in 2013... thanks to the country’s growing desalination program and its improved rainfall in 2012." In other words, desalination will NOT free water for Palestinians or the Jordan River. It will allow farmers to use MORE water.

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