5 Oct 2012

Poll results -- communication

Hey! There's no new poll. Although people who like polls want to polls to continue, I am making an executive decision to end polling, since I cannot think of additional interesting questions to ask (there have been over 100 polls in the past few years).

But here are the results of the last poll:

Academic essays 7%2
Audio recordings (water chats, talks) 0%0
This blog 79%22
The End of Abundance (book) 4%1
Live webinars (audience participation) 0%0
Video recordings (lectures, talks, webinars) 11%3
These results are (again) biased by the fact that the poll was posted on the blog, but I do see blogging as an accessible way to present and discuss aguanomics. I'll keep blogging, with occasional modifications to improve quality, but also try to improve my efforts with audio/video chats.

Bottom Line: Communication is important, but you need to vary your techniques if you are going to get ideas to as many people as possible.

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