2 Oct 2012

Economists do haiku!

I liked these haikus on the 2012 U.S. election:

Time again for votes
Amidst party promises
What is different?
- Amol Agrawal (Mostly Economics)

Ideology not enough
Brain cells required
Someone tell Romney
- Robert Cringely (I, Cringely)

Summer's bright wishes
Pretty flowers
Winter sweeps away gently
- Atanu Dey (On India's Development)

Exciting numbers!
Beat The Street's expectations!
Later revised down.
- Will Franklin (WILLisms.com)

Four jobless summers
Dry up re-election votes
As Obama said
- Tim Kane (Hudson Institute)

Policy--who cares?
It's hatred of the other
That makes people vote
- Arnold Kling (econLog)

Snow falls on buried
Memories of promises
To make the nation rich
- Megan McArdle (Asymmetrical Information)

Romney better pray
Unemployment still 8 plus
Come election day
- Nick Schulz (AEIdeas)

We dug you a hole
We tipped over your ladder
Soon we will join you
- Andrew Samwick (Andrew Samwick's Blog)

Ugly election
Distorting issues by both
Can we just ignore?
- John Whitehead (Environmental Economics)

Trust not either side
Both gambling your future
With blind ambition
- David Zetland (Aguanomics)

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