22 Oct 2012

Anything but water

  1. The drug war has failed THIS badly:

    Listen to this interesting (Canadian!) radio show on drug policy in North America, including a (retarded) defense of current laws by an Obama-policy wonk who says "yes, alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, but we have a cultural tradition of allowing people to use alcohol." So much for evidence-based policy!

  2. A brilliant example (via AT) of how "pure academics" don't understand the power of blogs (to show them wrong).

  3. Private education in developing countries is booming, but aid bureaucrats prefer to fund (inefficient) government-run schools. FAIL.

  4. Click here if you've ever found that your "final" draft wasn't!

  5. This explanation of "Jewish time" provides a really cool reconciliation of physical (actual) time and religious (god) time. Christians need to read it.

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