17 Oct 2012

Anything but water

  1. Why 2x4s are not 2 by 4 inches (not, surprisingly, related to a fear of the metric system!)

  2. Iceland threw bankers in prison. Now their economy is growing. Why not in the US and EU? (Oh, and don't forget the link between too cheap water and financial disasters!)

  3. Government "job centers" are a joke but don't worry: Bureaucrats are great at creating more bureaucratic jobs. Is the private sector always awesome? No -- turns out that "peer-benchmarked" CEO salaries do not compare apples-to-apples.

  4. Plans for starting a "Charter City" in Honduras -- a capitalist haven with light regulation and strong rule-of-law -- move two steps forward, one step back. Now it's time for details. (I know Strong.)

  5. There's not only no sign that we're reducing carbon emissions, projections indicate that new coal plants coming online, worldwide, will have four times the capacity of the entire capacity of existing US coal plants. Wow.


Anonymous said...


Your point 2 seems a bit sensationalist.


David Zetland said...

@Adam -- I didn't make the claim that was made in my link ("no bailout"), but your link provides better details. I'm anti-bailout, for sure, but also like the idea of some jail time for fraud. Unfortunately, that fraud was legal with most regulations, so maybe better to put some regulators/politicians in jail. Perhaps Mr. Geithner.

Umlud said...

Interestingly, in Chile, some 2x4s are actually a full 2 inches by 4 inches, while others are sized the same as here in the US.

Also interesting is that they don't use metric for these dimensions, but DO use metric for the length. I have no idea how that came about, but it was likely a major influence from the US.

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