12 Oct 2012

Anything but water

  • DNA tracking may make it easier to certify that timber comes from sustainable sources.

  • Journalists who report scientific advances fail to report later work that invalidates those advances.

  • Researchers have found that "subjects who reach their decisions [on how much to contribute to group goods] more quickly are more cooperative. Furthermore, forcing subjects to decide quickly increases contributions, whereas instructing them to reflect and forcing them to decide slowly decreases contributions." People, in other words, replace spontaneous generosity with calculated withholding. I'd say that those in the "business" of negotiation (i.e., lawyers, stockbrokers, and certainly some economists) may swing the farthest from cooperation.

  • Surowieki attacks Romney and corporate welfare queens, but Obama should say the same.

  • These guys claim that Singapore provides a good example of urban resiliency that will serve others well to emulate when facing climate change, but it's hard to scale Singapore to larger nations or places that cannot afford to import all their natural resources.

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