12 Sep 2012

Speed blogging

All of these links come from the ever-diligent Daniel Lippman:
  1. Drought (plus rising sea level) means that more of the Mississippi is salty. Bad for ecosystems; bad for people.

  2. Yemen may be the first country to REALLY run out of water, forcing people to abandon cities and land for places with water (provided by desalination?). The reason? Poor governance means that water demand is outpacing supply.

  3. Speaking of failed water policies: Shortages are good news for companies in the desalination business, even though their "solutions" are 10x more expensive.

  4. Academics claim that feeding nine billion people on limited water means that people will need to switch to vegetarian diets. That's not going to happen: Rich people will pay for meat; poor people will pay more for less -- ending up hungry.

  5. Methane in groundwater due to fracking? That's possible when wells are badly drilled.